Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dante & Luigi's

Back in the late 1960's, you could walk into Dante & Luigi's in South Philly with a five dollar bill, dine on veal parm with wine, and leave with change. These days, the prices have gone up but so has the quality of the food. Mama isn't in the kitchen anymore. She's been replaced by a classically trained chef who puts the focus on the freshest, finest ingredients in season.

The new owners redecorated without sacrificing the restaurant's Old World charm and re-designed the menu without sacrificing the traditional Italian "gravy" based cuisine that brought in the big guns (literally). Desserts are made on the premises. The Ricotta Cheesecake is seductive. Portions are so large, you'll be asking for a doggie bag. Waiters are so personable, you'll be asking for their phone numbers. Complimentary Chianti at lunch.

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